Physical therapy services are available for those who need to rehabilitate in order to resume activity.  While the primary focus is on the injured part, we take a comprehensive approach and assess surrounding areas that could be setting you up for further injury.  Rehabilitation programs are coordinated with your physician, individualized to your specific needs and paced accordingly.  These programs can be coordinated with your athletic trainer or coach.
Long-term programs are designed for those recovering post-injury or post-surgery that need physical therapy intervention in order to restore balance and resume training.  You may refer yourself for treatment using what is called the”Direct Access” program or by having your physician refer you
Short-term programs are designed for use by patients who wish to consult with a professional but prefer less structure and more independence with their workouts.  A home exercise program can be designed and a plan for follow-up evaluation arranged.  You may call the Performance Place and schedule for these programs as needed.

Strength and conditioning

We also design programs for the high school, intra-mural or club sport participants who needs a structured program to prepare them for higher levels of performance.


All programs start with an initial screen to help identify imbalances that could place you at risk for injury.  Areas assessed include strength, endurance, power, flexibility, core strength and balance.

Knee and shoulder injury prevention program

This program is designed to help you learn proper exercise technique and avoid errors in form that could be stressing the joint.  It will identify common factors that tend to affect the athlete and help you to start gaining strength and control around the joint in order for you to minimize the chance of injury.
Basics of strength and conditioning for performance
This program is intended to teach the basic strength and conditioning principles in order to prepare you to move forward into more advanced training techniques used in competitive sports.

Athletic training

Each of our staff members is a licensed athletic trainer with experience working in high profile athletic settings.  We offer all services available in a traditional athletic training room.

Sample services:

Sports injury assessments, athletic taping, assistance with brace selection and fitting, help selecting protective equipment for sports.  We have contacts located throughout the United States who can be contacted on your behalf if you are traveling.